A Creative Journey Unfolds: How Ringling College’s Bright Minds Are Shaping Our Museum’s Future

It’s not every day that we get to see such an exciting blend of creativity, innovation, and community spirit come to life. But thanks to a fantastic partnership with Ringling College of Art and Design’s INDEX Program, led by David Foote, that’s exactly what’s happening at the Sarasota Children’s Museum. A team of incredibly talented students—Alice Yurkova, Autumn Taylor, Gabby Pierre, Irene Pae, Jessie Cross, Jocelyn Williams, Samantha Balikowa, Valerie Miller, and Jack Coleman—have been working with us over the past few months, pouring their hearts and skills into reimagining our museum’s branding and identity.

Their journey with us went beyond creating stunning logo designs (though they certainly gave us plenty to choose from!). They also dreamed up an interactive popup exhibit based on “The Little Prince,” turning the classic tale into a hands-on adventure with activities that promise to light up kids’ imaginations. It’s this kind of thinking that reminds us how stories can jump off the page and into our lives in the most interactive and joyful ways.

But there’s more. These students didn’t just stop at visuals; they thought about how we connect with our community through every aspect of what we do. They came up with some fantastic merchandising ideas and promotional items that could bring a little piece of the museum experience into homes. They also introduced us to a cast of specialty characters and outlined ways to enhance our digital presence, making sure the museum can reach out and spark curiosity in kids even before they walk through our doors.

As board members, many of us juggle professional lives with our roles as moms and active community members. We’ve been blown away by how these students have managed to capture the essence of what we’re all about, in ways that are both profound and incredibly relatable. Their work has laid down some exciting paths for us to explore as we look to the future of the museum.

We’re deeply thankful to David, the students, and everyone at Ringling College for this collaboration. It’s been a reminder of how powerful it can be when art, education, and a bit of imaginative magic come together. We can’t wait to see where these ideas take us, and how they’ll help us continue to create spaces that inspire learning and wonder for every child who visits.

To the students: your creativity, enthusiasm, and dedication have truly inspired us. Thank you for sharing your vision with the Sarasota Children’s Museum. Here’s to bringing those ideas to life and making our museum an even more magical place for kids and families.