Wander to Wonder: Mobile Museum Fundraiser

Up to $5,000 of the funds raised for the Mobile Museum Fundraiser will be matched by a local foundation.


  • February 1, 2024

Embark on a Journey of Imagination and Impact with "Wander to Wonder: A Mobile Museum Fundraiser"

The Sarasota Children's Museum is thrilled to invite you on a unique journey—our "Wander to Wonder" campaign! This exciting initiative is not just a fundraiser; it's an opportunity to bring the magic of learning and exploration directly to our community's children, all through the wonder of a mobile museum.

Why Wander to Wonder? Our mobile museum is ready to hit the road, but we need your help to fill it with the wonders of knowledge and creativity. From the engaging hands-on activities of Remake Learning Days to the enchanting tales of Storybook Street and an enriching summer partnership with a local museum, we're set to spark curiosity and joy in the hearts of our young explorers throughout the summer of 2024.

The Race Is On! Thanks to the generosity of a local foundation, every dollar you donate will be matched, up to $5,000, but only if we reach our goal by April 1st. This means your contribution has double the impact, helping us secure the essential materials and resources needed to bring these captivating educational experiences to life.

Your Impact By joining the "Wander to Wonder" campaign, you're not just donating; you're racing towards enriching the lives of countless children with the gift of interactive learning and exploration. Your support will help us purchase materials for events that promise to ignite imaginations and foster a lifelong love of learning.

How You Can Help

  • Donate: Every contribution, large or small, moves us closer to our goal. Remember, your impact is doubled thanks to our matching funds opportunity!
  • Spread the Word: Share our mission with friends and family. The more people join our journey, the further we can go in creating memorable learning experiences for our children.
  • Stay Engaged: Follow our progress and see the impact of your contributions through updates and stories from our events and programs.

Time is of the Essence! We only have until April 1st to unlock the matching funds and make this vision a reality. Let's come together as a community, racing towards a future where every child can wander into the world of wonder.

Join us in making a difference—donate to "Wander to Wonder" today and help us bring the Sarasota Children's Museum to life, one wonder-filled journey at a time.